The Spa

Tripadvisor Guest Reviewed: "The spa here is of a very high standard for HCMC as well. I went to some of the more popular ones in the city (My Spa, Jasmine Spa) and found the hotel spa (Hi Spa) to be cleaner with newer and nicer facilities and MUCH nicer staff. I'd definitely recommend both the hotel and spa!!" From Teigane 


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To provide you, our valued guest, with the most rejuvenating experience for your mind, your body and your spirit so your whole self is in balance.

Our Staff

All therapists and estheticians at Hi Spa are fully trained and registered. Our therapists are trained from a variety of backgrounds. We encourage our guests to book treatments with a variety of therapists, to experience different techniques. 

Venue : 01st Floor

Operation time: 08:00 - Mid-Night